Quimixto Puerto Vallarta offers an amazing trip through the jungle, hiking and great vistas, perfect for the adventurers!


Quimixto is a small coastal village (when we say small we really mean it!) that features a small pier, a small store and that is pretty much all, here in Quimixto takes place the surfing competition during the month of October.
The beach features a small narrow coast and is a little bit on the rocky side when it comes to swimming there, however the real magic is in the waterfall that is about 40 minutes on foot.
This can be a difficult tour if you are not that into hiking, you could also rent a horse, which goes for around $20 USD.

Quimixto, One of the Wildest Puerto Vallarta Tours

Tours in Vallarta often pursue the luxurious or little town vibe; however, there is also room for hikers and people that prefer a more simple approach to Puerto Vallarta, for those people this is the perfect tour.
The jungle walking and reaching the waterfall is a perfect way to explore a completely new surrounding flora and immerse yourself in a completely new way to Puerto Vallarta.

quimixto waterfall

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