Las Animas Beach

Explore a beautiful beach with clear water and soft sand in this Puerto Vallarta tour perfect for families!

Las Animas Beach, a Vallarta's classic

Las Animas is one of Vallarta’s most popular beaches featuring crystal clear water and soft sand and a great place for diving, this is one of the first stops of the water taxi on its way to Yelapa, its a great place to get away from civilization and still get a nice drink!

One of our classic Puerto Vallarta Tours since 1988

This is one of our most popular tours among the national tourism, it provides a great glimpse of the southern part of Puerto Vallarta, exploring Colomitos beach and Los Arcos.

We’ll stop by Los Arcos national park and feed the beautiful tropical fish that live there then we will head to Colomitos beach, also known as “Mexico’s smallest beach” which is one of our favorite beaches, here you can take a dip in crystal clear water and enjoy the scenery!

After our trip to Colomitos we’ll head to Las Animas beach, a great place to eat fresh and delicious seafood (among other options) this is a great option for anyone that wants to explore the southern beaches and wants to enjoy a nice lunch by the sea!

Tour Vallarta like never before, great family experience for all!!

Our tours are for all kinds of people, and we can provide help getting onboard for the elderly and kids, we’ll also provide you with sanitizer and a clean boat, we disinfect our boats every day, just before you board and after you leave, ensuring a clean COVID-19 free boat where you and your group can feel safe!

All of our Vallarta tours are family friendly and completely safe

your safety is top priority during this COVID-19 crisis, so we comply with state and federal standards of sanitization, all of our sailors and workers are tested and sanitized against COVID-19, if you want to know more about Puerto Vallarta and Mexico health policies you can look up to the links in the homepage or ask us in the inquiries form, we are here to help you!


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