Puerto Vallarta Fishing Charter

Come and fish with us across different parts of the bay in search of Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and more, the best fishing in Puerto Vallarta!

Fishing in Vallarta

We are really proud of our fishing tradition, if you book with us you’re making sure you’ll get a great fishing boat, great fishing gear and the best captains and crew.
All of our captains are experienced, some of them with more than 30 years of experience fishing in Puerto Vallarta; all fishing licenses are included

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta can be an amazing experience for all!

If there’s one thing that we love, that’s fishing, our captains are veteran anglers fishing in Vallarta for many years, our boats are fast and well-equipped, join us on a fishing trip across the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean in search of Dorados, Tunas, Marlins and more!

It does not matter your skill or experience, if you are a complete novice or a world-renowned angler, we will take care of your trip, fishing in Puerto Vallarta has never been this easy and fun!

Simply the best Vallarta fishing charters

Our Vallarta fishing charters are the best; why? because we believe in conservation so we encourage our customers to practice catch and release, however if you would prefer to keep your fish you are free to do so; It’s your catch after all, It is your call!

Puerto Vallarta is inside a bay with amazing views and calm water, it’s a beautiful sight even if you are not fishing, the fish congregate at the Corbetena area which lies around 40 minutes off the coastline; long fishing trips (more than 5 hours) are recommended if you want to catch something bigger than a Crevalle Jack. Experience the best fishing in Vallarta where we focus on having fun while fishing.

The fish are generally seasonal, (October to December for marlin, sail fish, and yellow fin tuna); we do have some species of fish year-round, making these Vallarta fishing trips popular. Even if you are a pro or novice angler, all skill level are welcome. Our boats are daily cleaned and disinfected against the COVID-19, they are equipped with the best fishing gear, licensed and inspected by SEMARNAT and have full insurance coverage.

Fishing Puerto Vallarta biggest catch since 1988

Even if you are not a seasoned veteran in the fishing sport you will feel right at home with us, we also understand that fishing is not for everybody, so if someone in your group doesn’t like to fish we can arrange a fishing/tour trip, choosing a destination you’d like and fishing on the way there!

If you are interested in this trip just use the inquiry form and get in touch with us, depending on the hours and destination its usually cheaper since we don’t go that far offshore and we stick to the bay area, it’s a great option for families or people that don’t want to do an only fishing trip.

Any trip you choose will be completely safe and family friendly, we disinfect the boat before the trip and after your trip, thus ensuring a safe environment for your family; you can also ask for sanitizer anytime you need it!

Inshore Fishing
We go around 20 minutes to the fishing areas, great for dorado (Mahi) fishing and other small game species such as skipjack Tuna, this is a great option for people that don’t want to go in long trips or just want to fish with the family and have a great day, the recommended time for this trip is 4 hours to 6, ask us for more info about fish sightings on the coast.

Offshore Fishing
This is a great option for fishing enthusiasts and people aiming at big game fish, the recommended time for this trip is minimum 8 hours, we take about an hour to hour and half to reach the fishing grounds, we recommend this trip to veteran anglers.

Our Boats
We use the luxury Super Panga for fishing trips and vary one motor to twin motors according to where we are fishing, we use only twin motor pangas for offshore fishing ensuring a fast trip to the fishing grounds.

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