Visit a beautiful waterfall and the beautiful small village of Yelapa, snorkel in the clear waters of Colimilla and relax in a day full of fun and excitement!


Have fun and relax in a day far away from all city life, the Yelapa tour offers some of the best snorkeling at some of the most beautiful beaches.

With wonderful clear waters, Yelapa and Colimilla are jewels of Puerto Vallarta, Yelapa Mexico can be a great choice for groups and families of up to eight people, for an unforgettable experience of snorkeling and of course, tasting the great Yelapa’s pie, which is a must for every visitor in this village!

Yelapa Puerto Vallarta Glimpse of the Past

There’s a common belief among the older locals, and that is that Yelapa looks just like Puerto Vallarta in the 70’s, with that feeling of small village and away from it all, this very same feeling was the same that enchanted the many of the classic Hollywood heroes back in the day, such as Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Taylor.
Now Puerto Vallarta is far from a small town, but still, you can get a glimpse of those times in the small village of Yelapa!

yelapa tour

Yelapa One of the Most Popular Puerto Vallarta Tours

This tour is perfect for families and people that wants to see many of the most beautiful sights that the southern Bandera’s bay has to offer.

Our private boat will ensure you have comfort and a relaxing trip to this beautiful village, we can focus on having fun or if you rather have a quiet trip you can tell us, we will do our best to ensure you have a fantastic trip!


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