Marietas Islands

Marietas Island tour is one of our most booked tours and for good reason; this place offers a completely new fauna not found in Puerto Vallarta!

Marietas Island

In the early 1900’s, Marietas Islands was a Mexican Military test site and practice target for warships, at one point of his history Marietas Islands was blown apart during a live fire exercise creating the famous love beach or hidden beach and quickly became a tourist spot.

Marietas Islands Tour, a must for animal loving people!

Marietas Islands is home to many species of birds, one of them is the famous blue-footed booby bird and the red-billed tropicbird, Marietas Islands is home to coral reef fish and dolphins, manta rays and several other tropic fish making this spot one of the best boat tours in Puerto Vallarta.

Nowadays the place is a protected bio park, with a very strict entry rules, and only a handful of vessels have the necessary permits to travel there and to land on the beach, Islas Marietas offers new sights for any traveler that wants to explore a new ecosystem as this place is dubbed “the Mexican Galapagos”.

marietas island tour

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