Land Tours

San Sebastian del Oeste, Zip Lines, ATV'S, you name it, only the best tours around Puerto Vallarta

Nogalito Eco Park

Nogalito Eco Park

In Nogalito Eco Park explore the jungle and its lush wilderness, hike the Mexican countryside and learn from our abundant wildlife

Canopy El Eden

El Eden

fly across the trails and waterfalls of the predator movie set along more than three miles on twelve different long and high zip lines created for your enjoyement

ATV Single Rider

ATV Tour (Single Rider)

Experience the adventure driving yourself through a lush off-road jungle trail and authentic Mexican villages.

ATV Double Rider

ATV Tour (Double Rider)

Explore the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta and watch breathtaking views of la Sierra Madre.

Extreme Zip Line

Extreme Zip Line Adventure

Fly like Superman in the longest, fastest and most incredible zip line in Puerto Vallarta

San Sebastian del Oeste

San Sebastian del Oeste

Travel to one of Mexico's most preserved towns of the colonial era, founded in 1605 as a mining town, San Sebastian is a historic place that you wont regret visiting