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Vikingo Fishing Charters Before You Book Tips

We at Vikingo Fishing charters are committed to our customer´s satisfaction so let us share a few tips if you want to insta-book:

  • Fishing is better at 8 a.m. or earlier, however we have a strict “fish when YOU want” policy so we´ll never set the time for you (unless weather notice)
  • If you are unsure about where to depart from just check your closest pier, open Google Maps and type “Los Muertos Pier” or “Marina Los Peines” so you know where is closest and better for you.
  • The prices you see are total, we do not have hidden fees or any other fishy business and we do not charge per person since we own the boats.
  • Please be careful with imitations, we are VIKINGO the original company from 1988 and we do not take any bookings on Facebook, only on this website, from our offices or approved partners.

Explore Vallarta Tours & Fishing Charters

fishing vallarta


$4,399 MXN
Travelers Choice

Private Fishing Charter

Join us fishing Vallarta biggest game. Choose your fishing trip at any hour and day available, you can bring your own gear, food or drinks, includes iced cooler.

  • includes fishing gear
  • includes fishing permits


$6,585 MXN

Yelapa Village Tour

Visit a waterfall and the beautiful small village of Yelapa, snorkel in the clear waters of Colimilla and relax in a day full of fun and excitement!

  • Includes iced cooler
  • includes bottled water
pesca compartida


$1,600 MXN-p/p

Shared Fishing Tour

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Shared Fishing Tour, perfect for both novice and experienced anglers.

  • Includes fishing gear
  • includes fishing permits


Quimixto, Puerto Vallarta offers an amazing trip through the jungle, hiking and great vistas, perfect for adventurers!


$5,499 MXN
las animas beach

Las Animas Beach

Explore a beautiful beach with clear water and soft sand in this Puerto Vallarta tour perfect for families and couples!


$4,400 MXN
los arcos puerto vallarta

Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta

A perfect tour for people that loves scuba diving and ocean life, great tour for families!



$3,611 MXN
marietas island

Marietas Islands

Marietas Island tour is one of our most booked tours and for good reason; this place offers a completely new fauna not found in Puerto Vallarta!


$9,999 MXN


$16,000 MXN

Luxury Fishing

Embark on a luxurious fishing adventure with our exclusive Yacht Fishing Tour in the stunning waters of Puerto Vallarta.

  • Includes fishing gear
  • includes fishing permits

About Vikingo Fishing Charters

We are a Puerto Vallarta based sport fishing and tour company founded in 1988 by Captain Juan Santana, a local angler and owner of Vikingo, we proud ourselves for being one of the best fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta, employing locals and paying them above average wages to ensure a good quality fishing for our customers.
We also support conservation and environmental efforts, encouraging our customers to catch and release and the use of bio friendly sunscreen lotions. 

We also protect endangered species such as the sea turtles and whales, ensuring they have a safe passage through the bay.
Therefore, you can book with us knowing that we are a company that cares for the sea, our customers and our workers; and that we will do our best to make sure you have a great time in Puerto Vallarta.

Step into the world of fishing excellence, where our five-star reviews cast a shimmering light on your angling dreams.