Las Animas beach

One of the most important beaches south of Puerto Vallarta, Las Animas beach is a small, clean and beautiful place, perfect for a lunch in one of the fresh seafood restaurants that this beach offers.

In our Las Animas beach boat tour, we’ll take you to this beautiful place, where you can relax and explore this little treasure of Puerto Vallarta.

Colomitos beach

The smallest beach in Mexico, Colomitos beach is a small secluded beach well-hidden south of Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful place with clear water and perfect for relaxing a bit in the middle of summer, Colomitos beach is a must visit in Puerto Vallarta.

Frequently Asked Questions
No, the boat goes at cruising speed so you can enjoy the scenery and take pics if you want!
It does not include food but we include some water and an iced cooler for you to bring your own drinks and food!
Of course, use the contact us and tell us exactly what you'll need and we'll help you!

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